• Caution: Any activity involving motion, rotation, or height may cause serious accidental injury.
  • Do not use apparatus without qualified supervision.
  • Wear proper attire and use chalk when necessary to prevent slipping.
  • Before mounting apparatus, make sure it is properly adjusted and secured, and that sufficient mats, appropriate to the exercise, are in position. Consult your instructor.
  • Use proper conditioning and warm-up exercises before attempting new and/or vigorous moves.
  • Attempt new skills in proper progression. Consult your instructor.
  • When attempting a new or difficult skill, a qualified spotter should be used. When in doubt, always use a spotter and check with your instructor first.
  • Dismounts from apparatus require proper landing techniques. Do not land on head back as serious injury may result. Consult your instructor.
  • Any skill involving the inversion of the body could be dangerous and cause serious neck or head injury.
  • NO HORSE PLAY at any time while on or around gymnastics equipment.

Please speak to management or arrange an appointment with a coach if you need to address issues with your child's class.

Rules & Policies

CLASS RULES 2015-2016   

WELCOME TO GymStars, LLC!  We want this experience to be exciting and wonderful for your family! For this to happen, it is important for you and your child to understand the rules and policies. Please take the time to read the following: (Please note that no registration is complete until you have signed the release form and paid registration fee).

1. INSURANCE REGULATIONS -Registrations MUST be done in person by child's parent or legal guardian. This is strictly enforced. NO persons are allowed on the workout floor unless a registered athlete and accompanied by a coach. Please remain in the observation area upstairs. Report all injuries to Coach Jeri or Coach Sam. All children not in class must be supervised by an adult at all times.

2. ARRIVAL - Upon arrival, gymnasts must stow all belongings in the cubbies. Please wait in front of cubbies until class is called on the floor. All classes warm-up together. Students should not come to class if they are sick or have lice.

3. DISMISSAL - When students are dismissed from class, they must wait inside the building until they are picked up. No student has permission to leave the building unless accompanied by an adult. Parents, please be prompt on pickup.

4. SAFETY DICTATES - Female students must wear a leotard and tie their hair back. Male students are to wear shorts and a T-shirt (no buckles or zippers). NO JEWELRY is to be worn. NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY. All students and parents must respect the coaches and other members. All medications and allergies must be listed on heath form.


6. MAKE-UPS - We offer make-up classes for your child to participate in. NO MAKE-UPS WILL BE ALLOWED DURING REGULAR CLASS TIMES. The class must be missed prior to the make-up and your child has up to two months to do so. If a scheduled make-up is missed, it may not be rescheduled. See coach to schedule. 

Tuition is paid for the 8 week session using credit card or debit card or cash only. Tuition (credit card-debit card) is deducted from your account on the 1st day of each 8 week session. A reminder email regarding your automatic payment will be sent around the 7th week.
If there are any changes to your credit card or debit card, the information must be received by the 7th week at the front desk. If your credit card is declined, the issue must be resolved and payment received immediately to continue in the program. If you choose to become inactive in the program, a withdrawal form, located at the front desk or on our website, must be received by the 7th week prior to withdrawal in order to be removed from the automatic payment plan.
10.00 late fee/decline fee
The only times you need to re-enroll are for Summer and the new School Year due to variations in our class schedule.
Once you sign up and pay there are no credits or refunds but if you need to change days or times you may as long as there is space available or at open gym. Please call or email the office to make any changes, 314-845-6600 .
The purpose of this new tuition procedure is to simplify the enrollment and payment process.
Please note: All sessions have to be paid in full before your child can participate in any of GymStars programs.

8. DROPS - If your child is planning on discontinuing, you must notify the office BEFORE the last class of the current session. If we do not receive notification, you may be charged for the full session. 

9. INCLEMENT WEATHER – If the gym is changing the schedule due to inclement weather, we will inform you of any closings or changes on our phone message system, on our webpage and if time permits, through e-mail. Our phone number is 314.845.6600. Our website is www.GymStars-STL.com.

10. VALUABLES – GymStars is not responsible for lost or stolen items. All valuables should be left at home. 

11. REMINDER - Gymnasts are not to be distracted by parents during practice. You have entrusted us to teach your child. It is important that you do not "coach" your child from the side. 

12. No destruction or vandalism of equipment or property will be tolerated. Gymnast and parents are liable for any damage caused.