Why GymStars?

  • Individuals are significant - We strive for each individual to excel in order to achieve their personal best
  • Great basics - We emphasize a strong foundation of basics, fitness, and technique
  • Excellent Gymnastics – Our coaches, Jeri, Samantha and Sandy have had many state, regional, and national champions including over 10 National Team Members!
  • Well organized program - Level requirements, rotation schedules, solid leadership, and an organized foundation for success
  • Encouraging atmosphere - we are dedicated to providing an encouraging and positive atmosphere
  • Friendly Community - Our community of staff, gymnasts, and parents are friendly and welcoming
  • Life Skills - We work together with each gymnast’s parents to develop character, work ethic and leadership


Why Gymnastics, Tumbling and Trampoline?

Gymnastics, tumbling and trampoline is a fun, energizing, and powerful sport requiring skills of coordination, balance, agility, and grace. The greatest benefits of this training for children are physical and mental development. Physically, the sport takes a lot of power, determination, agility, and balance. Mentally, gymnastics, tumbling and trampoline requires poise, confidence, concentration, and perseverance. Gymnastics, tumbling and trampoline training is not only a tool to learn new athletic skills and gain confidence, but also teaches children skills that they can use for life!

Jeri Inman, owner and operator of GymStars, LLC, believes that the greatest wish we can have for children is that they become adults who love who they are and what they do. Helping to develop such self-knowledge and passion for life in young children requires a delicate balance of nurturing and education.

​Our GymStar facility and staff offers children an organized, structured, and highly supervised venue for physical recreation in a dedicated, professional, and safe environment. 

GymStars will provide a safe and fun atmosphere while promoting self esteem, self respect, discipline, strength and fitness through gymnastics and trampoline and tumbling classes.  It is our goal to make every athlete a GymStar!  GymStars provides a family friendly environment, a commitment to safety, with moral professional role models, and include local, regional, national and Junior Olympic competitions. 

Our Philosophy